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2022 MENU


chips and gravy      (gluten free available)           $10.00

Garlic Bread                                                        $9.00  

Tomato & red onion Bruscetta                            $18.50

Feta stuffed olives (to tempt the pallet)               $10.00       

Homemade soup of the day                                 $10.00

pork belly bites                                                    $19.50

mini cob loaf stuffed with bacon, onion & corn    $19.50

Buffalo chicken wings                                         $19.50

jalapenos poppers                                               $19.50

SPRING ROLLS: (4 pieces)  all $19.50

chilli chicken,

vegetarian (gf)



Natural, and Kilpatrick avaialble 

Burgers:            all $20.00                           

Halifax Burger:    Homemade beef pattie, egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, carrot, cheese


Chicken Caesar burger: Crumbed chicken thigh, bacon, lettuce, parmi cheese, garlic ailoli on turkish bread 


NQ Favourite:    Crumbed steak, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, carrot, cheese.


Beer battered fish burger: fresh fish with lettuce, tomato, carrot, cheese, beetroot on toasted turkish bun 

NO chips $15.00



Classic Caesar

 caesar salad with parmi cheese, croutons, bacon & egg                $18.00

Add chicken  $10.00

ADD Prawns (5) $10.00

lemongrass Chicken

Chicken breast marinated in our secret lemongrass recipe, served with basmati rice and a green paw paw salad                                                           $28.50


WRAPS: all served with chips $20.00

Chicken & avocado



 All come with tomato, lettuce, cheese, carrot, red onion

Wraps available for lunch only


SIDES: all $6.00

Salad pot 

Mash potato

seasonal vegetables

Haloumi chips

SENIORS MENU all $17.50

crumbed chicken 

crumbed steak

beer battered fish

spaghetti bolognese

(tuesday to thursday ONLY)


From the Barn:

Thai Green chicken curry $23.50

Grilled Chicken Breast $23.50 

Crumbed Chicken $23.50

Chicken Parmigiana $26.50

From the Beach:

Seafood Basket to share $85.00

(beer battered fish, prawns, crumbed scallops & calamari, fresh bugs & oysters)

Beer Battered, crumbed or grilled fish of the day $23.50

Garlic prawns served with basmati rice $32.50

half serves $24.50

Crumbed Prawns $32.50

8 fresh prawns dipped in homemade crumbs

Chilli lime coconut mussels $32.50

served with char grilled turkish bread and fresh rocket


From the Bush:

Rissoles and Mash (2) $22.50

300 g Rump $36.50

served with your choice of gravy, di, pepper or mushroom sauce

Crumbed Steak $23.50

Crumbed steak & pasta $23.50

Pork Chops $32.50

Two huge pork loin chops served with apple sauce


Spaghetti   $18.50

beef tortellini   $26.50

spinach and ricotta ravioli $26.50

gluten free spaghetti $19.50

your choice of bolognese, carbonara, chilli tomato sauce





Pepper, Diane, mushroom, creamy garlic,

or sweet chilli


Avodcado and Hollandaise


Garlic Prawn topper (5)


Garlic Bugs (3)



For the small people

Fish and chips

nuggets and chips

spaghetti Bolognese

chicken chips

ALL $10.00


All meals are served with EITHER beer battered chips, or mash


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